Cochrane Systematic Review Workshop


  • Cochrane Systematic Review Workshop

Speaker: 2 SKP
Participant: 6 SKP
Moderator: 0 SKP
Committee: 1 SKP

(Max. 30 participants)

Systematic Review is scientific paper which consist of identifying, reviewing, and synthesize all the evidence with high quality criteria of research question. Systematic Review which came from randomized clinical trials are most important in EBM. Researcher who doing Systematic Review with or without using meta-analysis, aims to minimize biased, so it can produce reliable scientific and can be used in clinical decision making. Comprehension of Systematic Review and how implementation in field became responsibility of all personnel in health service.

For that matter it takes an effort to improving and renewing scientific development, knowledge, and skills in scientific writing. This is expected to be important skills for lecturer and health officer for improving quality of education and health service in medical institution. Along with task as a civitas academica, then lecturer are required to produce a scientific writing and publish in journal that have high impact factor. With that role, it is expected that lecturer have high knowledge and skills, good quality and up to date science, so that will be able to publish with a good quality paper. Along with the vision and mission Faculty of medicine UGM who want to became World Class University, it needs good skills in all lecturers

Date : Mon – Wed, March 12th – 14th 2018

Time: 08.00 – 16.00 WIB

Venue: Grand Keisha Yogyakarta Hotel

Facilitator: Cochrane UK (Declan Devane) & Cochrane Indonesia UGM – UI

Registration Fee: IDR 3.000.000

Prof. Declan Devane, PhD

Cochrane United Kingdom