Making Yourself Heard Workshop


  • Making Yourself Heard Workshop

Speaker: 2 SKP
Participant: 6 SKP
Moderator: 0 SKP
Committee: 1 SKP

(Max. 40 participants)

Cochrane is committed to knowledge translation as the primary means to ensure our evidence is accessible and useful to individuals, organisations and governments around the world. This presentation will offer a brief overview of Cochrane’s comprehensive new Knowledge Translation Framework and highlight innovative approaches to reaching and engaging with four key audiences: practitioners, policy makers, researchers and the general public. Examples of media and dissemination activities undertaken by Cochrane Australia will offer insights into how this global Knowledge Translation Framework is implemented in practice, and illustrate some of the most effective ways health researchers can communicate their findings within and beyond the bounds of academia.

Date: Tuesday, March 6th 2018

Time: 13.00 – 17.00 WIB

Venue: Senate Rooms, 2nd Floor KPTU  Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing UGM

Facilitator: Cochrane Australia (Shauna Hurley)

Registration Fee: IDR 500.000

Shauna Hurley, PhD

Cochrane Australia